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Introducing SmartArt Graphics

A few weeks ago a few folks sent me email asking about what the new shapes features meant for things like org charts and other diagrams.  Today we have the answer in the form of the first of two guest posts from Matthew Kotler, a lead program manager on the SmartArt team.
几周以前,一些人发电子邮件给我,询问一些东西如组织图和其它图形的新的特点。今天,我们有了答案,以来自Matthew Kotler的两篇客串帖子之一的形式,Matthew是SmartArt组的项目经理。

The impact of graphics in spreadsheets, documents, and presentations is significant, improving comprehension and recall of information.  Yet, the vast majority of content created within Office is textual and with today’s tools it is hard to create professional quality graphics.  Last month David surveyed all of the new charting features of Excel 2007.  The charting work this release provides tremendous improvements for visualizing quantitative data.  However, there are times when you need other way to communicate information.  SmartArt Graphics (previously codenamed “IGX Graphics”) addresses this need.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s start there:
电子表格,文档和演示文稿里的图形冲击是巨大的,改进理解和信息回收。然而,创建在Office里的巨大多数内容是文本,通过今天的工具,要创建专业质量的图形是很困难的。上个月,David调查了Excel 2007的所有新图表功能。本产品提供的图表工作为视觉化量化的数据提供了极大的改进。然而,有些时候,你需要其它的方式来交流信息。SmartArt图形(以前编码命名为“IGX 图形”)解决了这个需要。因为一张图片胜过一千句话,我们开始吧: 


SmartArt Graphics are designed to make it quick and easy for everyone (not just professional designers) to take an idea and turn it into one of these graphics.  This goal translates into the following features of SmartArt Graphics:

• Layout templates
• A Text pane for entering information 
• Automatic sizing and positioning of shapes and text 
• Seamless switching between layouts

• 布局模板
• 文本窗格,输入信息
• 图形和文本的自动大小和位置
• 在布局之间自由切换

Layout templates
Each layout above provides a way to express your content differently.  On one side of the spectrum are layouts that simply add visual polish to a bulleted list. 



On the other side of the spectrum are diagrams like organizational charts, Venn diagrams, or interlocking gears that connote a very specific meaning for the information they portray.

The collection of layouts depicted is only a sampling of the more than 80 different layouts that will ship with SmartArt Graphics.  The “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” dialog displays all of the different layouts broken into seven different categories (lists, processes, cycles, hierarchies, relationships, matrices, and pyramids) with descriptions that suggest what type of information is appropriate for a given layout.  The dialog is displayed when you click on the SmartArt Graphics command on the Insert tab of the ribbon:


The set of layouts for SmartArt Graphics is extensible so that we can continue to provide new variations through Office Online and your organization can create a set that is tailored for your needs.
SmartArt图形的布局集是可以扩展的,因此我们可以继续通过Office Online提供新的变体,并且,你们组织可以创建一套专门为你们自己的需求裁剪的布局。

A Text pane for entering information

After a specific layout has been chosen, a template will appear with an area to enter text to the left of that layout. The Text pane, provides a way to quickly enter and edit the text of a graphic. 



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