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SmartArt 图形和样式(一)

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SmartArt Graphics with Style
SmartArt 图形和样式

Here is the second guest post from Matthew Kotler, a lead program manager on the SmartArt team.
这是Matthew Kotler的第二篇客串帖子,他是SmartArt小组的主要项目经理。

In the last post, I presented an overview of SmartArt Graphics.  In this post, I’ll show how to take the basic SmartArt Graphic that you have created and format it to make it really stand out (or subtly fit in, depending on your goal).  Just like cells, tables, and shapes, SmartArt Graphics build on the rich functionality of document themes.  When you insert a SmartArt Graphic into your spreadsheet (or document or presentation) you can be assured that it will match the rest of the content on the sheet.  Like each of these other objects, if you change the theme of the spreadsheet, the look of the SmartArt Graphic will change. 

SmartArt Graphics also includes two galleries for quickly changing the look of a graphic on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools.

 The first gallery provides a range of different stylistic options including different shape fills, line styles, shadows, and 3D effects.  Like many of the other galleries across Office 2007, this gallery has automatic live preview to show what your graphic could look like with one of the quick styles applied.  
第一个图库提供许多不同的格式选项,包括不同的图形填充,线条样式,阴影和3D效果。和Office 2007里许多其它图形一样,该图库有自动的在线预览功能,显示应该该快捷样式后你的图形会变成什么样。

Here’s the same SmartArt Graphic with a few styles applied:



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