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SmartArt 图形和样式(二)

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The second gallery provides a range of different color options that can be selected for a SmartArt Graphic, each one applying one or more theme color in a different way to the graphic. 


And here’s that same SmartArt Graphic with a few color variations applied:



The goal of each of these galleries, combining a SmartArt Graphic with an array of styles and color variations, is to allow you to create a unique visual. 

But, if the built in galleries are not enough to give you the look you want, almost all elements of a SmartArt Graphic are customizable. 

SmartArt Graphics are built on the same foundation as regular shapes in Excel.  Therefore, if you do not like the automatic text sizing, you can override it by manually applying a different font size.  If the quick style gallery does not have the right combination of fills, lines, and effects then you can apply an individual shape style or fully customize the shape yourself.  If the size and position of a shape on the worksheet is not the way you want it, then you can just move the shape around or resize it.  The formatting tab within “SmartArt Tools” provides an entry point to many of these customizations:

Even after applying any of these customizations you can still go back and change to a different layout and SmartArt Graphics will attempt to bring those customizations forward.  I recommend saving your customizations for the end but this gives you the flexibility to make sure that the graphic communicates what you want it to.  Just in case you realize you have gone too far with customizations, there’s always the Reset Graphic button back on the Design tab to take you back to a happy place. 

SmartArt Graphics gives you the tools to quickly and effectively communicate your message with formatting options that ensure a professional and unique result. 
Published Tuesday, May 16, 2006 8:44 AM by David Gainer
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