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超级工具提示及折叠式 Ribbon

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Super Tooltips and Collapsing The Ribbon
超级工具提示及折叠式 Ribbon

While we are talking about the new user interface, I thought I would mention another feature the user interface team has added that I think will prove to be very helpful to a lot of users. The basic idea is to take tooltips, which are useful little devices, and add some additional capabilities. Let’s briefly walk through a few examples.
藉此讨论Excel 2007全新用户界面之机,我来谈谈用户界面开发组为我们添加的另一个特性,一个我预感将会被广大用户证实是一个很有用的特性。添加这一个特性的初衷是替代小巧实用的工具提示,并为之增加一些新内容。让我们就着几个示例来简要地漫游一番。

When you hover over a command in the ribbon in Excel 2007, you will see the name of the feature and they keyboard shortcut (if one exists) (note, we have not been completely thorough about this in the past, but we plan to fix that this version). In addition, you will see a short description of what the feature is for and, when it makes sense, when you might want to use it. Here are a few examples (sorry, printscreen does not capture my mouse pointer, so you will have to pretend it is there).
在Excel 2007中,当你的鼠标指向Ribbon工作区的某个命令按钮时,你将会看到对应的功能名称及其快捷键(如果有的话)(备注:在快捷键提示方面我们过去做得尚不够彻底,不过我们计划在这个版本中加以改进)。另外,当某个命令按钮感知到你可能想要使用它时,它就会给出一段简短的描述,告诉你它能为你做些什么。以下是几个示例(抱歉,屏幕截图未能抓取我的鼠标指针,你就姑且认为它就在那儿吧)。

Text to Columns分列(译者注:相当于Excel 2003及以前版本中的菜单:数据>>分列)

Merge and Center合并及居中

The idea is to give the user an idea as to what the feature is without requiring them to look it up in help or on the web. Help on that feature is also readily available with the press of a button.

Another thing the user interface team has done is added image support to tooltips. This gives us the ability to use images to help communicate what a feature can be used for.

Trace Precedents(追踪引用单元格)

It also gives us the ability to show the user previews of dialogs they could launch as they mouse around the UI.

Format Cells(单元格格式)

I can hear several of you asking “can I turn this off”? The answer is yes, you can turn this off and revert back to tooltips a la Office 2003.
我听到你们当中有人在问“我可否关闭这个工具提示”?答案是肯定的,你可以关闭它并恢复到如同Office 2003中的样子。

One other thing I wanted to show today was the fact that you can collapse the ribbon simply by clicking twice on a tab (there is also a keyboard shortcut). This can be useful when you want to maximize your “grid area” either because you don’t need to interact with the application’s commands, or because you are accessing them through the keyboard.

Thin Ribbon(瘦身Ribbon)

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