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XII 筛选OLAP数据,以及一些“持续”改进(二)

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And now my report is showing only bikes with a profit margin greater than 40%.


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I am personally a very big fan of this feature.

Hiding levels of hierarchies
Excel 12 PivotTables that are connected to Analysis Services allow you to hide any level of a hierarchy as long as at least one level is still visible. As an example, say I want to compare bikes independent of what type of bike they are (I don’t want to see Category or Subcategory information). To do this, I can hide the parent levels of the product name level. Specifically, I just need to select Show/Hide Levels from the PivotTable context menu, and from there I can toggle on or off any levels I like.

连接到Analysis Services的Excel 12数据透视表允许你隐藏任何层次级,只要至少还有一级是可见的就可以。举例说,假如我想比较自行车,不管它们是什么型号(我不要查看Category或Subcategory信息)。要实现这个,我可以隐藏产品名称级别的父级别。确切地说,我只需要从数据透视表的右键菜单中选择显示、隐藏就可以,并且从那里,我可以切换任意级别的开或关。

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After hiding the two levels, I’ve also sorted the bikes by their individual total sales amounts and, as you can see in the screenshot below, I can now work with the bikes across their groups. Notice that mountain bikes are now mixed with road bikes etc.

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This also allows me to produce, for example, a “Top 10” list of the best-selling bikes regardless of category. This is another example of the very powerful analysis capabilities available in Excel 12 PivotTables.
例如,这也允许我创建一个“前十位”销售最好的自行车,不管其品类。这是Excel 12数据透视表拥有强大分析能力的另一个例子。

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Here is the final result.

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If I now unhide the Subcategory level, the filter will be reevaluated in the new context, and I will get a “Top 10” list of bikes for each subcategory. I think that’s pretty neat too.

Better persistence of user applied formatting
Finally, we have improved the persistence of user-applied formatting in OLAP PivotTables. The screenshot below shows a PivotTable where I’ve manually change the name of a bike to “Our Classic Mountain Bike” by typing the new name into the cell, and where I have also made the text bold + italics and then set the cell background color to red.

最后,我们改进了OLAP数据透视表的用户应用格式的持续性。下面的截屏显示一个数据透视表,我通过在单元格里输入新名称,手动更改一自行车的名称为“Our Classic Mountain Bike”,并且将文本设置为粗斜体,然后设置单元格背景颜色为红色。

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Now, if I collapse Mountain Bikes in the PivotTable (which hides the individual mountain bikes), and then expand Mountain Bikes again, the mountain bike I formatted will still be formatted exactly like before I collapsed Mountain Bikes. In current versions of Excel, all the formatting is lost in this scenario. A small item, but one I am sure folks will be glad to see “fixed.”

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