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Tables Part 6: Removing duplicates from tables (and ranges) of data

Being able to remove duplicate rows of information from a table of data is a request we hear fairly often from our customers (and one of the top questions in the comments in this blog). Some users know that this capability exists in Excel today; unfortunately it is buried under advanced filter settings and it’s not terribly easy to use. So we set out in Excel 12 to build a better interface specifically for this task so that any user could easily remove unnecessary data from their spreadsheet.
我们经常听到的一个客户需求是能够从列表中移除重复的数据行(这也是在博客中提出的最多的问题之一)。一些用户知道在目前版本的Excel中已有这个功能,遗憾的是它隐藏在高级筛选设置中且不易使用(译者注:即高级筛选中选择不重复的记录选项)。于是,我们在Excel 12中将这项功能设置在了一个更友好的专门的界面中,以便于任何用户都能容易地从电子表格中移除不需要的记录。

Remove duplicates can be found in two places in Excel 12, on the Data ribbon as well as the Table ribbon (just like sort and filters, it’s not necessary to have a table in order to use this feature). To use the feature, a user simply has to select the data they want to examine for duplicates and press the “Remove Duplicates” button. This will bring up a dialog that looks like this:
在Excel 12中移除重复记录的功能被设置在Data ribbon和Table ribbon中(就像排序和筛选一样,不需要设置专门的列表框来使用这个功能)。要使用这个功能,用户只需简单地选择想检查的记录,按下”Remove Duplicates”按钮后,出现下图所示的对话框:

You’ll notice that all my column headers appear in the dialog. To remove duplicates, just select the columns that Excel should use to evaluate duplicates. For example, in my table above I want to remove all duplicate rows where the first name is the same and the last name is the same. In other words, if there is more than one row where FirstName = David and LastName = Gainer then the extra duplicate rows will be removed. So my table which looked like this:

Now looks like the following after I remove duplicates.

Note that remove duplicates physically removes data from your spreadsheet. It does not hide rows. You can, of course, back out (undo) of remove duplicates if you make a mistake. If you wanted to first take a look at the duplicate values, you could use the new “Highlight Duplicate Values” feature that we have added to conditional formatting to do so.
注意,移除重复记录功能会从你的电子表格中彻底删除记录,而不是隐藏行。当然,如果你发现操作错误,你可以撤销刚才的移除重复记录操作。如果你想先看看这些重复记录值,可以使用已添加到条件格式中的”Highlight Duplicate Values”新功能。

In my next post I will finish up table-specific features by reviewing the work we did with table styles.

Published Friday, November 04, 2005 3:13 PM by David Gainer

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