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Part 5_Excel 12中的排序问题(二)_Excel 2007新知

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… and I wanted to see all the yellow and red items at the top. I would simply use the sort/filter button to sort first by red …

我想在上面看到所有黄色和红色项目. 我只简单的使用排序/筛选按钮先对红色进行筛选

… which would group the red values at the top …

… and I would repeat for the yellow items, which would leave me with a table that was sorted like this.
然后重复操作黄色的项目, 就会出现下面表格中的排序结果

Essentially, what sorting by color does is move all rows that meet the criteria all the to the top. What follows after is not specified – what matters is that rows with a certain format are moved to the top. For convenience sake, we have also added this capability to the context menu in a table or Filtered range. For example, in my table above, I could have just as easily right-clicked on a cell with red fill and selected “Sort by this cell’s fill color” in the “sort and filter” submenu.
实际上,颜色排序所作的就是将所有符合条件标准的行放到最上面. 后面的都是没有特殊指定的 – 所涉及的就是将指定的格式的行放到上面来. 方便起见, 我们也可以把这个功能增加到表格或已筛选区域的文本菜单中 例如,在上面的表格里, 我可以简单的右击红色单元格,然后在 “排序与筛选”子菜单选择 “按照此单元格填充颜色排序”.


(That about wraps up my overview of sort and filter improvements. In my next post I will talk about a new feature that allows easy removal of duplicates from a table of data.
Update to post to clarify sorting by multiple colours concurrently
I want to throw in one more example to illustrate how it is possible to sort on multiple colours at one time. For example, if you had a table with a bunch of formatting on one column and you wanted to sort the table by that formatting …

这些就是我对排序和筛选的改进的总体认识. 在下一篇文章中,我会谈及一个新的特性,即轻松删除数据表格中的重复值.
我还想举一个例子来阐明如何一次对复合颜色进行排序. 例如, 如果你有一个表格,他的一个列里面有多重的格式,而你想对其进行排序


… you would simply bring up the sort dialog and specifiy the order of colours that you wanted to sort by …


and press OK. The table would sort by the conditions you specified.
并点击OK. 表格将根据你所指定的条件进行排序


I hope that makes sense and clarifies things.

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