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While I think the thumbnails do a pretty good job at communicating results, I wanted to give you a sample of what is possible out of the box, so here are a few examples of tables with different table styles applied. I have tried to include a few from each category (light, medium, and dark).

Just like Cell Styles, Table Styles change when you change the Document Theme. Here is the same spreadsheet as in the previous screenshot with a different Document Theme selected (two mouse clicks). The Table Styles are the same, but the colours have changed, giving me a whole new set of formatting to choose from. We are shipping about 20 Document Themes and 50 Table Styles, so that gives users 1,000 looks to choose from even before they create their own Table Styles and Document Themes.


One last thing to note is that the styles change as you turn on and off different formatting elements. Specifically, users can turn on and off Table Headers, Total Rows, Row Banding, Column Banding, and First Column and Last Column emphasis. The user interface to turn these elements on and off is located beside the Table Style gallery on the Table Tools tab.

When the users turns these elements on and off, the thumbnail preview in the Table Style gallery changes accordingly. For example, if you turn off row banding, and turn on first column and total row, the choices now look like this.


The final thing I want to show you today is some samples of tables that have different elements turned on and off. The 9 tables below are all the same Table with the same Table Style applied, but I have turned on and off various elements of the table. You can see how easy it is to move from a simple matrix without labels to a Table that looks like it belongs in a textbook.

 That’s it for today. We would love to hear your feedback. Tomorrow, PivotTable styles.

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