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Meet the Excel 12 formula bar, or “don’t hijack my grid!”.
相约Excel 12 编辑栏——“请别妨碍到表格”

I’d like to shift gears a bit and talk about the work we’ve done to improve the experience around building and editing formulas.  For most customers, this is a core activity in their daily use of the product.  In planning for this version of Excel, we took a hard look at the features in this area, and we have made what we think are some significant improvements.  Over the next week, I am going to cover the work we have done in this area.
我想稍微调整进度,提前来谈一下我们在创建和编辑公式方面所做的改进。对绝大多数用户来说,创建和编辑公式是平时使用产品的主要工作。在规划Excel 12时,我们仔细地研究过此方面的功能,并且做了看来较为充分的改善。接下来,我打算用一整周的时间,来讨论我们对此所做的努力。

To start, let's take a look at some changes to the formula bar.  In Excel 12, we’ve redesigned the formula bar to be both flexible and less intrusive.  When we were researching the area of formula editing, the most common customer feedback we received about the formula bar was that it didn’t respect their data on the grid.  In order to display text in the active cell, the formula bar would spill into the sheet, often resulting in obscured column headers and sheet content. This could be frustrating when users were working with a spreadsheet containing cells with more than one line of text. We’ve addressed this issue in Excel 12 by giving formula bar its own space that never overlaps with the grid.  The behaviour is similar to resizing a docked task pane.   Let’s take a look at an example.
先来看看编辑栏有了哪些变化?在Excel 12 里,为了让您用得轻松自如,我们对编辑栏做了新设计。“编辑栏无视数据表的存在!”是调研中用户给我们最多的反馈——显示活动单元格的(长)文本时,编辑栏常会越位,挡到列标和工作表的内容。用户工作表单元格的文本超过一行时,这种令人沮丧的事就有可能会发生。在Excel 12中,这个问题已解决。编辑栏开始固守本位,不再占用表格的空间。解决方式有点类似调整任务栏的大小。我们来看个例子:

Below is an image of the Excel 2003 formula bar when a cell containing a lot of text is selected.  Column headers and data are obscured by the formula bar.
如下图,在Excel 2003 中,选择一个包含长文本的单元格时,编辑栏会遮挡到列标和数据。

Now let’s look at that same document in Excel 12.  Rather than spilling the content, we’ve added a scroll bar and kept the formula bar to a single line (which is the default state). 
再来看看Excel 12中同一文档的情况。为使编辑栏不越位,我们对其新增了滚动条,保证其仅显示一行的文本内容。(默认设置)

To display more cell content, users just need to adjust the height of the formula bar. This can be done in two ways - by dragging the resize bar at the bottom, or by clicking the auto expand/collapse button at the far right.  As users resize the formula bar, it pushes down the grid instead of overlapping it, so that spreadsheet content is never obscured. For the keyboard user, we’ve added a short cut that allows them to quickly toggle between the collapsed (1 line) and expanded state.

Another piece of feedback we heard from users about the formula bar was that the name box was not big enough to display long range names.  Accordingly, we’ve added the ability to resize the name box horizontally. This gives customers the ability to accommodate their long range names by dragging the name divider (circular dimple) left or right.

Here is an example of a long range name that doesn't fit in the name box:

Here is what things look like after the name box has been resized:

Finally, I’ve already talked about limits, but I thought I’d mention a few here in the context of the formula bar.  The changes we’ve made will accommodate these increased limits and the larger formulas that result.
之前,我已经谈过Excel 12的限制问题。但在本文结束前,还有必要指出这些限制中与编辑栏相关的一些内容。我们对编辑栏做了改变后,相应地加大了这些限制的上限,允许编辑更长的公式。

The maximum length of formulas (in characters)
Old Limit: 1k characters
New Limit: 8k characters


The number of levels of nesting that Excel allows in formulas
Old Limit: 7
New Limit: 64

旧限制: 7
新限制: 64

Maximum number of arguments to a function
Old Limit: 30
New Limit: 255

旧限制: 30
新限制: 255

That’s all for today.  Next up, formula auto complete (yes, it’s as great as it sounds)
今天就到这。下回我们谈Formula AutoComplete(吼,这听起来很不错)。

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