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Tools|Options – The Rest

A few days ago, I outlined some changes that had been made to Tools|Options.  Today, I wanted to run through how the options were organized for those of you that are curious, and point out one other feature I forgot to mention Monday.  Since we already looked at the “Personalize” tab, let’s start with the Formulas tab.


As you can see, the most commonly changed options are available here. (Harlan, I think you made a comment about many of the options on the “Personalize” tab being new – to be clear, it wasn’t just the “Personalize” tab I was talking about, it was the first several tabs.  Sorry, I should have been clearer … you can see that most of the options on the "Formulas" tab are not new.)  You can also see that options dealing with multi-threaded calculation are not featured here, since those are items we expect most users never to change.  Next, here are “Proofing” and “Save”.



On the “Save” tab, you may have noticed that there is a drop-down in the “AutoRecover exceptions for:”.  This is the other feature I forgot to point out earlier this week.  We have tried to make it clearer what the “scope” of options are … for example, where an option applies only to a workbook, we make that clear, and allow users to set the option for any open workbook.  Same for worksheets, etc.  For a certain set of users, this has proven to be quite helpful.

Next, here is a glued-together image of everything in “Advanced”.  Normally you would have to scroll to see all of this, but to make it viewable on the web, I combined the bitmaps in paint.



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