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2007 Microsoft Office System Primary Interop Assemblies
2007 Microsoft Office系统初级协同工作配置

Today we have the first of two guest posts from Patrick Smith, a program manager on the Office Programmability team.
今天,我们发表两篇来自Patrick Smith的客串帖子的第一篇,Patrick是Office编程组的项目经理。

Writing managed code against the 2007 Microsoft Office System products requires the use of an interop assembly. Just as we did with Microsoft Office System 2003, we are providing primary interop assemblies with the new 2007 Office. We’ve also made some changes to make the PIA’s a better experience with 2007. Among the areas we’ve addressed are:
要在Microsoft Office 2007系统中编写代码的话,需要使用协同工作配置(interop assembly)。正如我们在Microsoft Office系统2003中所作的,我们会和新的Office 2007一起提供协同工作配置。我们也做了一些改进,使得PIA在2007里更好用。在这些领域里,我们解决了:

• Installation
• Redistribution
• Backward Compatibility

• 安装
• 重新分配
• 向后兼容性


In Office 2003, the PIA’s were set as an Install on Demand feature within Office Setup. This caused some headaches for the Office developer because you could never know for sure if the PIA’s were installed on the machine where you were installing your managed add-in. With 2007, we will be changing the default feature state for the PIA’s to install locally. While this will narrow the cases where the PIA’s are not installed on the machine, it doesn’t take care of 100% of the scenarios such as the .NET Framework being present on the machine during the Office installation. To catch these other scenarios, we will also release a PIA Redistributable package.
在Office 2003里,PIA被设定为Office安装中,根据需要安装的功能。这会导致一些头疼的问题,因为Office开发者永远不肯定PIA是否安装在你安装加载宏的机子上。对于2007,我们将更改缺省功能为PIA安装在当地硬盘。但是,这会使没有安装PIA的机子使用受限制,这不能照顾到100%的情况,例如在Office安装中机子上已经有了.Net框架。为了照顾这些情形,我们也将发行一个PIA重新分配套餐。


During the spring of 2005, we released a PIA redistributable for the 2003 Office PIA’s which now gives you the license to redistribute the PIA’s with your solution. With 2007 Office System, we are releasing another redistributable containing the 2007 PIA’s and associated supporting files. Now, by taking the redistributable package and shipping it with your project, you can ensure that the PIA’s are installed properly when you install your solution.
在2005年春季,我们为Office 2003发行了一个可重新分配的PIA,现在你有权限来重新分配你自己解决方案的PIA了。和Office 2007系统一起,我们将发行另外一个包含2007 PIA和连带支持文件的可重新分配的套餐。现在,通过使用可重新分配的套餐并且将其和你的工程装载在一起,那么你在安装你自己的解决方案时就能够确保PIA被正确地安装。

Backward Compatibility

Backward Compatibility is an area we where have focused much attention. We understand that as a platform, we must take steps to ensure that the managed solutions compiled against a 2003 PIA will continue to run properly against the 2007 version. To do this, we’ve taken some great strides during development of the individual object model to ensure that the changes to the OM do not break runtime compatibility.

In conjunction with the OM compatibility work we have done, we are also shipping publisher policy files for the Office PIA’s. These will automatically redirect code that is compiled against the 2003 PIA to the new 2007 PIA so that existing code compiled against a 2003 PIA will automatically be redirected to the corresponding 2007 PIA. As with any publisher policy, in cases where you may not want to redirect code to call the new PIA, you can override the policy by using the following tag in an application configuration file shipped with your managed assembly.
在与对象模型兼容性相关的工作中,我们也为PIA装载了Publisher策略文件。这将自动将在2003 PIA下编译的代码重定向到新的2007 PIA,以至于现存的在2003 PIA下编译的代码将自动被重定向到相应的2007 PIA。万一你在某处不希望重定向代码来调用新的PIA,因为有了Publisher策略,你可以在配置随带的应用软件参数配置中使用下述标识来忽略该策略。
<publisherPolicy apply="no"/>

For more info on publisher policy, see this link.

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